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A community interest company

Our Social Charter

The company's activities will provide benefit to a broad spectrum of local businesses, enterprises and communities, with a strong focus on those involved in the literary, arts, crafts, hospitality and other cultural endeavours and creative professions.

We will support independent businesses and artisan producers, who may otherwise not have access to media coverage on a national and international scale. As facilitators we aim to bridge that gap between learning and the workplace with curated events, competitions, workshops and other creative based learning with an aim to strengthen rural communities.

We will also create production and distribution jobs in the area, employing the services of local companies such as printers, publishers and production specialists.

Our internationally distributed magazine and online pressence will promote public and private engagement to the benefit of the region's creative, tourism, retail, hospitality and wider associated communities.

Additionally, the company will provide work for the talented writers, photographers and illustrators who live and work in the area. We will source content from the remarkable concentration of diverse local expertise.

Our mission is to support the region's cultural, literary and artistic endeavours, with the aim of promoting engagement with the public and impacting upon the local economy and the social well being of the community.

This could range from the purchase of a keeper's book to the encouragement of a visit to the area or purchase of an artist's work.

We also aim to create work for local people within the production team and will prioritise working with local people as our keepers.

the Keep Magazine

We produce a
biannual literary & cultural magazine

MADE IN Hay‑on‑wye & the Welsh Marches

the Keep Magazine

Keepers of the Keep
  • Iain Finlayson
    Iain Finlayson
    Director &
    Commissioning Editor
  • Kenny Campbell
    Kenny Campbell
    Director &
    Managing Editor
  • James Mannox
    James Mannox
    Director &
    Creative Director
  • Antoine Mouquod
    Antoine Mouquod
  • Tracy Thursfield
    Tracy Thursfield
    Assistant Editor
  • Maxine Anderson
    Maxine Anderson
    Magazine Designer